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About Involvement


... host workshops and/or offer open office hours in their specific area of expertise.

Time commitment:
2-8 hours

Head Coach

… are interested in engaging with selected startups throughout the program – and potentially beyond. This is the “deepest” level of mentoring.

Time commitment:
Check-in once a week or every 2 weeks (30-60 mins)


… participate in one-off sessions with pre-matched startups.

Time commitment:

Pinch Hitter

… share their experience in a fireside chat format during the program.

Time commitment:
1-2 hours

Virtual Mentor

… are neither Berlin-based nor -bound during the program, but available for virtual advice.

Time commitment:
Potentially 30-60 mins per request
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Meet the Mentors.

Program participants attend intensive training sessions with our partners and mentors – experts in their disciplines who have one thing in common: a true passion for sports.

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leAD Sportsaccelerator: Horst and Klaus Bente
leAD Sportsaccelerator: Horst and Klaus Bente with Adi Dassler

Get to know our investors.

Klaus, Horst and Stefan Bente are the oldest grandchildren of Adi Dassler. Together, they founded leAD Sports Accelerator to revive their grandfather’s legacy. But they're not alone: leAD is backed by an exclusive circle of international top investors from different areas that all have a strong foothold in the sports industry. Their objective is to support the visionary innovative strength of young founders with the same enthusiastic team spirit – and far beyond the accelerator program.