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Adrian Simonetti was born in Buenos Aires, he is President and CEO of La Martina.



President & CEO
La Martina
La Martina


Adrian Simonetti was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1973, but lived in Boston, USA most of his childhood years. After finishing his studies in Argentina he started his professional career in the family business alongside the foundation of the La Martina brand. Today, he is President and CEO of La Martina, and is dedicated to keeping the brand values with the sport of polo, thus expanding it in a worldly manner. He is responsible for the conduction of the brand' s strategy and constitutes the brain behind the constant innovations, strive for excellence and value for tradition; all of the qualities La Martina is know and identified with. Having grown and developed hand in hand from the very origins with the company founded by his father, Lando Simonetti, he is an essential part of the firm' s DNA and a natural successor to protect and nurture its underlying values and essence. Maintaining and communicating the exclusiveness of the sport, its lifestyle and culture are key elements of his management principles, which consequently ensure the rich and long-lasting story behind it gets to the end customer making a true difference in perception and appraisal.





La Martina

La Martina



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