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Upcoming Events.

The innovation journey is a 2-day deep dive into Berlins tech startup and accelerator scene.

Innovation Journey


Explore the future of sports business in the light of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Dive into Berlin’s startup world with leAD Sports Accelerator. We take you on a journey to the hot spots of founders and entrepreneurial communities, startups, VC’s and accelerators to experience, understand as well as discuss new ideas and business models and their disruptive power in the realm of sports.

Get a deep insight into the start-up world of Berlin to:

  1. Inspire, sharpen your views and "open" your mind
  2. Cater expertise and entrepreneurial drive
  3. Enable surprising encounters with customers & markets
  4. Disclose hidden gems, highly promising ideas and business models that aren’t on the public radar yet.

What’s the next big thing in sports? Find out yourself!



June 20, 2017


June 21, 2017



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